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What can you expect from daylight projector screen?

What can you expect from daylight projector screen?


Most projector screens are designed to be used in closed-door environments. However, some few manufacturers have revolutionized their production process and come up with a daylight projector screen. The projector screen is quite expensive and will cost you around $500. But if you want to enjoy a movie or a game on a large screen outside on a bright summer day, you can invest in the projector.

Projecting images and videos in an area that has too much light can affect the clarity of the output media. However, with projector screens designed to work in bright environments, the problem is eliminated and you can be able to view multimedia similarly as an indoor environment.

Daylight projector screens available in the market

It is possible to acquire one in the market, though the prices are exaggerated and it is only reasonable to invest in it if you want it for commercial purposes. Most manufacturers will claim that their projectors will be able to project images clearly in broad daylight. However, only few can be able to do that accurately and clearly. If you are purchasing one ensure you look for the following two features that will make a projector screen work in an outdoor environment.

White light level brightness

The white light level brightness is shown on the spec sheet of a projector screen. A projector with a high white light level brightness will work even on a bright environment. Daylight projector screens have a high white level brightness. It will be able to project images, writings or videos very clearly either in an indoor environment or outdoor environment. You will not be able to differentiate the results in the two settings as they are similar.  

The level of white light level brightness is measured in terms of lumens, and you should strive to buy a projector with the highest number of lumens.

Color brightness

The color brightness determines how you can be able to project movies or games on a screen. While buying a daylight projector screen, it is essential to select one with a higher color brightness level. Higher color brightness ensures that projected images and videos are clear.

Color brightness is not shown on the spec sheet, and you can only enquire from the manufacturer of the projector screen.

What to expect from the daylight projector screen

Though manufacturers claim that the projector screens can be able to effectively project movies or games with clarity in an outdoor environment, it is not 100% possible. You will have to project your screen in an angle that does not receive too many sun rays or use covering to block some sunrays partially.

For best results, it is essential to avoid direct sunrays as they affect the projection of images and videos.

Uses of the daylight projector screen  

Most are used for commercial purposes as they are quite expensive. Movie and music producers use them to project videos and images on a white screen even in an outdoor environment. You can also illuminate video games and any other type of multimedia. They are ideal for large companies that frequent hold conference meetings or educative sessions where many people attend in an outdoor environment.

Their images and videos are as clear as any other type of projector screen. They are designed to obstruct sunrays and illuminate pictures and videos or a larger screen.

Are they worth the investment?

Yes, you can buy the type of projector screens if you will be working in an outdoor environment and mostly during summer days. If you are investing in the projector screens for business, they are worth a tremendous amount of cash.

However, if you are buying for entertainment, you will be parting with a substantial amount of money that might not be worth it. For temporary use, you can consider renting one rather than buying a new one.

Bottom Line

Daylight projector screens are available in the market. Though, it is crucial to scrutinize their basic properties to find out if they will work in broad daylight. You should ensure you check the color brightness and white level brightness before purchasing one. Their estimated cost is around $500 and is only reasonable to buy for long-term use rather than one-time use.

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