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What is a dome theater?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
Also known as 'Dome Movie' or 'Dome Screen Movie'. A big screen movie that appeared in the 1970s. Both filming and screening adopt ultra-wide-angle fish-eye lenses. The auditorium is a dome-shaped structure with a hemispherical screen. The audience is surrounded by it, and the screen looks like a sky. Because the screen image is large and clear, extending from in front of the audience to behind, and accompanied by stereo surround sound, the audience will have a strong on-site effect as if they are in between. The dynamic dome movie hall uses 70mm projection equipment, and the hemispherical screen has a diameter of 18 meters. When the audience watches the movie, the entire screen is covered with spheres, ignoring the edges of the screen. The transmissive metal screen has a six-channel stereo effect. Let the audience enjoy the ever-changing and life-like atmosphere. The dynamic platform in the auditorium is a high-tech system project integrating hydraulic pressure, electrical automation control, and computer animation. When you sit on the platform carrier, the entire carrier can go up and down, tilt left and right, and pitch forward and backward to simulate aerospace You can invite you to travel in space. You can also imitate a submersible and enjoy the peculiar scene of the underwater world. With the realistic pictures and platform carrier activities, people can involuntarily enter the character, creating a very real and thrilling special feeling. On-screen dynamic movies filled the domestic gap.
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