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What is a large screen projection splicing wall?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
Large-screen projection splicing wall is a large-screen display system composed of multiple projectors, multiple projection screens and image controllers. It is generally used for super-large screen display or special effect display of one screen and multi-window display of multiple screens (different from Multi-screen display). Therefore, all input signals are processed by the image controller and then distributed and output to each projector, and each display screen can cross the boundary of the projection screen. The display quality of the    projection unit directly affects the effect of the entire projection wall, and different types of projection units will get very different results. The image processor is the core of the projection wall system. Its function is to send the signal to be displayed by computer, video, network, etc. to the image splicing controller, and the processed image signal is sent to the corresponding projection unit. Each projection unit only displays a part of the entire image, and all projections are The units are added together to form a complete large picture with super large resolution, and the resolution of the large picture is a multiple of the resolution of each projection unit. The image of each signal is displayed on the projection wall in the form of a window. The position, size and number of windows can be changed arbitrarily. The management of the large screen is realized by software. The large-screen management software is used to realize: adjustment of the projection wall, window management, network control, matrix switching and other functions. Some commonly used modes can also be pre-stored, and the pre-stored mode can be called at any time during use to achieve the desired effect, which simplifies the operation and improves the efficiency.   At present, the large-screen projection splicing wall is divided into two categories: TV wall and integrated display wall. The one used only for video display is called TV wall, and the one used for displaying information such as active video, computer graphics, text, etc. is called information integrated display wall. The display effect and other aspects far exceed the splicing of other display devices. In a single project, the number can reach up to dozens, and the shielding varies from one to multiple layers.   The main function of the large screen is to display video, data, and image signals. These signals can come from PCs, workstations, cameras, DVD players, video players, video showcases, etc. Due to the large display size, switching display or mixed display of computer data, images, and video images can be realized, and the display of multiple window signals can be realized to realize information integration.
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