What is a small-pitch full-color LED display _Full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectron

What is a small-pitch full-color LED display? _Full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
Everyone knows that the spacing of a full-color LED display refers to the distance between the centers of two LED lamp beads. The LED full-color display industry generally uses this distance to define product specifications, such as our common P6, P8, P10 (dot pitch is 6mm, 8mm and 10mm respectively). With the advancement of technology, the dot pitch of small-pitch LED displays is becoming smaller and smaller. According to industry consensus, LED full-color displays with a dot pitch below 2.5mm are fine-pitch LED displays. Many friends have seen LED products in their daily lives, whether it is a tobacco, alcohol and tea shop on the roadside, a major hotel, or a performance stage at a party, the usage rate of LED displays is still very wide, but those Products generally use traditional large-pitch LED displays. In today's society, as the small-pitch technology becomes more and more mature, LED display manufacturers have begun to set their sights on the broader indoor application market. Have you ever thought about using LCD TVs and projection After the machine, is there a small-pitch LED display in the living room, conference room, etc.? We all knew from the beginning that the small-pitch LED display has some advantages that the existing mainstream home display devices do not have, such as some high color gamut, high refresh rate, low power consumption, etc... But the small-pitch display The product also has some unresolved problems, which affects it further becoming the favorite of home users or offices. If you want to solve these problems, there are several problems. The first is the price. Because many companies have to install more LED lamp beads, small-pitch LED displays also have high process requirements. If heat dissipation, circuit and other problems have to be solved, it will also cost a lot of costs. Now, the low yield rate is a big problem for the price of current small-pitch LED products. For some ordinary households, small-pitch products of more than 100 inches cost hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy, which is just a lot of ordinary What the family cannot afford. Another aspect is that as the production capacity of small-pitch LED displays increases, the yield rate of some advanced technology will be further improved, and product prices will continue to fall. There is also a maintenance problem. Although the lifespan of LED lamp beads can reach more than 100,000 hours, because of its extremely high density and the low thickness of the products entering the room, it causes difficulty in heat dissipation and is prone to local failures. It is not a simple matter to maintain and overhaul such a behemoth. The manpower and material resources it consumes are immeasurable. The above are the main reasons why it is difficult for small-pitch LED screen products to enter the homes of ordinary people. However, LED display manufacturers are already working hard to solve these problems. If you put aside these problems, the visual experience of the small-pitch LED display is no problem. Because there is no display technology link of backlight transmission, it is directly displayed by the light bead, so the response time, color ability, Indicators such as brightness are more advantageous than LCD products.
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