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What is a transparent LED display? _LED transparent screen | glass curtain wall LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
As you can tell from the name, the transparent LED display is like a glass window, and normal light can pass inside and outside. The led transparent screen is a new type of LED display product innovation technology. The new SMT production process, combined with the new design of high transparency structure design, reduces the area of u200bu200bline of sight blocked and fully maximizes the effect of high transparency. The unique display effect of the led transparent screen, when the audience is standing at the correct distance, the image appears to be displayed on a glass window. The application of transparent LED displays has been extended to large-scale glass buildings and commercial glass windows, and the market is large-becoming a new trend in the development of new media. This new high-transparency LED display technology has the advantages of 7-95% transparency and 1.0mm PCB thickness. The product can be easily installed behind the glass window. The panel size can be customized without affecting the indoor lighting rate, and the transparent LED The display is easy to install and maintain. At present, outdoor advertising LED displays are booming in many cities around the world, on the one hand, worldwide. The large led screen can display advertisements, illuminate the city, and transmit information at work. On the other hand, it is also light pollution. When the big led screen is turned off, the big led screen will look like a 'scarDue to these problems, the installation license becomes very difficult, requiring a lot of manpower and time. In addition, urban construction is developing many times, and glass buildings are more popular, which makes transparent LED display screens quite necessary. The display of a good glass building with the LED transparent screen makes the building more fashionable, rich in color, modern and technological, and gives people a special sense of beauty.
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