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What is a transparent led screen?|transparent led screen|led glass screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
Gu Ming thinks that the LED transparent screen is transparent, in fact it is not at all, in fact it is semi-transparent, mainly through some technologies to improve the transparency of the LED display, making the display close to the most common glass curtain wall LED transparent screen, it It is installed on the inside of the glass curtain wall. In some high-rise buildings, shopping malls and other glass curtain walls, you cannot see the Maipu brilliant LED transparent screen. It is the same as without installation, but when the display is lit, you can see Very clear and beautiful picture. And it will not affect the lighting and ventilation of these high-rise buildings and shopping malls. This is the so-called LED transparent screen in reality. The advantages of the led transparent screen: 1. The high transparency effect of 60% on the transparent rate makes the glass retain the function of daylighting. 2. The space is small and the weight is light: the thickness of the main board of the screen is only 10mm. It takes up almost no space after installation. 3. Only a simple steel frame structure is needed, which saves a lot of cost: the product is light in weight, easy to install, and does not require a complicated structure. 4. LED transparent screen maintenance is convenient and fast: indoor maintenance is fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources. 5. The LED transparent screen is energy-saving and environmentally friendly: its own power consumption is small, and it does not require cooling and heat dissipation. 6. Simple operation and strong controllability: the display content can be changed at any time
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