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What is a wedding LED display? Wedding LED screen big secret_full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
What is a wedding LED display? In the vernacular, the wedding LED display is a relatively advanced device that presents wedding-related videos when the wedding ceremony is held. Today's led display screens are used in all walks of life, according to different industry attributes, characteristics and applications are also different, here is mainly about the use of led display screens in the wedding industry. What content does the wedding LED display screen play? I believe this problem is a headache for most newcomers. We spent a high cost to rent the LED display. Isn't it only the wedding photos? of course not! Here is the introduction of a term-wedding video. According to the type of wedding video, we generally divide the video we put into three types. The first is called background video, which is mainly used to create a scene and set off the atmosphere. This Dongdong Taobao, suppliers are flying all over the sky, large-scale evening parties, and corporate annual meetings will be used; the second is called watching videos, which are mainly used for everyone to enjoy. , The main purposes are MV (micro-movie), opening titles, wedding albums, growth videos, etc.; the third is called ceremony videos, which are combined with wedding ceremonies and used in conjunction. Remember the bride waving wings beside Daming Lake? ! That's right, that wing was once popular all over the country and became popular in wedding circles. If none of the above is used or rarely used, you may have OUT. Of course how to use it? When to use it? How much is appropriate for the video? How long is it? For questions like this, I will continue to communicate with you in the future sharing. Of course, in addition to playing videos, LEDs can also be used for live broadcast, absolutely no dead spots on the scene! Is the bigger the wedding LED display, the better? As mentioned earlier, many girls are confident about the live broadcast. The old lady is naturally beautiful! Secondly, the makeup artist is a celebrity queen! What can you do with me? not necessarily! As the saying goes, you are not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs. If the ratio is not well grasped, you may become malnourished in an instant! Or overnutrition! The choice of LED does not care about the size, but depends on the aspect ratio! First come to science, the mainstream picture ratio of the general market has two kinds of 4:3 and 16:9. The former TV stations use more, the latter is a common format for high-definition uncoded, and computer screens are also commonly used. Although the LED looks like a huge screen, it is actually made up of small squares! It is more difficult to know that it is completely “proportional”. Use hotel LED display or LED display provided by wedding? This question is a bit sharp, and objectively speaking, each has its own merits. Hotel LED display screens are relatively cheap, but most models are relatively backward in picture quality in P4, P5, and even P6. At the implementation level, debugging time is limited. If it is inlaid on the wall of the hotel, it is not easy to make a gorgeous decoration scene. Wedding LEDs generally use P3 mainstream screens, which are relatively expensive, but the picture quality is absolutely OK! The LED display can also be combined with the layout to make a beautiful scene layout. Under the premise of ensuring the construction time, debugging is also more sufficient! However, LED displays are not something that every wedding agency can control. When choosing, you still have to choose a wedding with relatively rich experience, otherwise the screen will go black and it will be of no use. Where is the wedding LED display placed? Because this question is too advanced! Generally, there are two ways to place the screen: the middle or the left and right sides. If the LED display is placed in the middle, most of our sight stays on the screen. This is more conducive to creating an atmosphere, the ceremony will be more variability, of course, the shortcomings are also more obvious. Since the LED display is self-luminous, the backlight is very strong, which puts forward higher requirements for photography and lighting! If the requirements for later photos are very high, you still need to do your homework. Of course, if you have more requirements for the wedding scene, or live broadcast is the main focus, it will be more appropriate to put it on both sides.
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