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What is interactive projection?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-27
What is an interactive projection system? The interactive projection system is a new type of multimedia display platform. Using advanced computer vision technology and projection display technology to create a fantasy and dynamic interactive experience. Unlike traditional touch screens, no other medium is needed, and users can directly use their feet or hands to interact with the virtual scene on the projection area. This system has a high degree of novelty and appreciation, which can well activate the atmosphere of the exhibition hall, increase the technological content of the exhibition, and increase the popularity of the exhibition site. The interactive projection system includes a set of rendering modules and a set of signal acquisition and processing modules, and the two systems communicate through a network switch. The hardware of the image acquisition subsystem mainly includes an infrared signal sensor, whose function is to capture the movements of the visitors, analyze and process them, and send the processing results to the rendering server. The rendering subsystem mainly includes a projector whose function is to receive the processing results of the image acquisition subsystem, and generate corresponding images to be displayed on the circular booth through the projector, so as to achieve the most natural display effect. All image acquisition processing/rendering work is completed on the workstation. The entire system captures the user’s infrared sensor to obtain the precise position of the audience on the projection window, and converts it into the computer’s internal coordinates and control instructions, and performs corresponding operations on the multimedia content to realize the user’s content on the projection window. Choice and interaction. The tracking accuracy can reach the pixel level. For exhibition items where the projection area is spliced u200bu200bby two or more projectors, the problem of image splicing and fusion between multiple projection areas is solved through software. Part of the interactive projection system After 2008, interactive projection technology began to have a wide range of applications in various major domestic fields, interactive bar, interactive window, electronic flip book and many other interactive forms are also showing their high technology to more and more people Charming style. The real value of interactive projection is in the form of publicity in the exhibition. The novel expansion of content makes all customers who have used it feel novel. However, many people do not understand the true composition of the interactive system. In fact, the interactive projection system is mainly composed of the following parts: 1. The signal acquisition part, which captures and shoots according to interactive needs. The capture devices include infrared sensors, video cameras, thermal cameras, etc.; 2. The signal processing part, the The part analyzes the data collected in real time, and the generated data is connected with the virtual scene system; 3. The imaging part uses a projector or other imaging equipment to present the image in a specific position. The imaging equipment is a plasma display in addition to the projector. , LCD, LED screen can be used as the carrier of interactive images. 4. Auxiliary equipment, such as transmission lines, installation components, audio equipment, etc.
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