What is LED transparent ice screen Get to know_LED transparent screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectr

What is LED transparent ice screen? Get to know_LED transparent screen manufacturers|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-02
What is LED transparent ice screen? In fact, it is a transparent LED screen, just to make it easy for everyone to remember and promote, so I gave it a name, the beautiful name is Bingping. The principle of the LED transparent ice screen It looks like a set of linear LED lights. The design greatly reduces the visual obstruction of structural components. The permeability can reach 85%, which maximizes the perspective effect. It is the display device with the highest definition and the best perspective effect at present. The ice screen has a novel and unique display effect. When the audience is watching from an ideal distance, the picture appears to be suspended on the glass, and does not affect the original lighting function of the glass. And the LED transparent ice screen is a product worthy of recognition, modular design, free DIY design, brand-new structural design, meeting the requirements of hoisting and vertical mounting, and meeting the requirements of indoor and outdoor use; and it is ultra-light, weighing only about 8KG, It can be easily lifted by a single person; ultra-thin. LED transparent screen ice screen breaks through the traditional LED, close to high-definition LCD, to achieve transparency, intelligence, high-definition, is a new direction for the development of LED display in the future, will be more and more widely used. Originally, the outdoor screen was equipped with a conventional LED display. However, the LED display is composed of modules. Installing an LED display is like a thick wall, which will block the scenery and light. Due to the shortcomings of conventional screens, LED experts add hollow designs on the basis of conventional screens to increase transparency. The gap of the grid screen can be further developed and evolved into an LED strip screen, also called grid screen, sky screen, wall screen, and curtain screen. This is the most common LED screen for outdoor applications. The LED strip screen is a LED strip that is pasted on an acrylic board, and it needs to be attached to the glass, so that the heat dissipation of the LED is blocked. The new type of LED transparent screen on the market now breaks the defects of the LED strip screen. It not only improves the perspective rate, but also does not need to rely on glass. As for why it is also called ice screen, it is because the LED glass screen was used in the video 'Beijing Eight Minutes' Winter Olympics on February 25, 2018, commonly known as ice screen.
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