What is the difference between led color screen and LED display_full color led display|indoor led ad

What is the difference between led color screen and LED display?_full color led display|indoor led advertising screen|indoor full color display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-06
What is LED color screen? What is LED large screen? Broadly speaking, LED color screen is a classification of full-color LED display. It was only because the LED display was first used in the stage structure because the price was quite expensive. When launching the product, the product is divided into low-priced products with a dot pitch of 50mm and 37.5mm or more in terms of structure and production cost. The small area of u200bu200bthe LED display that cannot be used as a clear display of content is called the LED color screen, which is mainly used for on-site atmosphere rendering of stage beauty and large-area on-site modeling display. The small pitch, outdoor dot pitch of 16mm, 12mm, indoor 7.62mm display is called LED large screen. The following is the technical staff of Huaze Optoelectronics to introduce you to the difference between color screen and LED display 1. The difference between color screen and LED display?    The color screen is simpler than the LED display, and the dot pitch of the color screen is larger. It is an advantage to use low cost for large-area display effects. The color screen has high-density color screen p20, p35, commonly used p45 and p50, led display has indoor and p6, and p7.62 is commonly used, outdoor has p10 and p16, which model to choose depends on what you install there to display Function. The biggest difference lies in the different occasions of the use environment. The best viewing distance of the color screen is generally relatively far. You can't just consider the cost of the things you plan to buy. You should choose according to your use occasion environment.    Two, LED color screen and LED The display screen chooses the led display dot pitch to be relatively small, and the back side cannot be seen. The dot spacing of the color screen is very large, and the back background can be seen. The main reason is that the background on the stage is different. Is it better to use a full-color LED display or an LED color screen? What is the difference between the two? How to choose according to the actual situation. The color screen is hollowed out. The brightness is not high. The color screen should be light, thin, transparent, and can be quickly installed, disassembled and maintained. Convenient for transportation, mainly for leasing, mainly used for large-scale backgrounds, such as stage performances, event celebrations, and night theaters. The color screen is mainly an advertising screen. It is a fixed installation. Advertising effect. It can also play a role in building decoration.   Characteristics of LED color screen   1. Modular design, easy to install and maintain.  2, the all-aluminum structural module, the weight is only about one-third of the conventional display, and it has good weather resistance.  3. The transparent design does not affect the ventilation and lighting at the rear of the screen, and the wind resistance is small.  Characteristics of LED display  1. The brightness of the LED display is high: the brightness of the outdoor LED display is greater than 8000mcd/m2, which is currently the only large-scale display terminal that can be used outdoors all-weather; the brightness of the indoor LED display is greater than 2000md/m2. 2. Long lifespan of LED display: LED lifespan is more than 100,000 hours (ten years), this parameter generally refers to the design life, and the brightness is also counted as dark;    3. The viewing angle of LED display is large: indoor viewing angle can be greater than 160 degrees, outdoor The viewing angle can be greater than 120 degrees. The viewing angle depends on the shape of the LED light-emitting diode.
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