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What is the difference between led indoor display and outdoor display?|Indoor led display price

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
There is a big difference between indoor display and outdoor display. Here are a few aspects: 1. First, let’s talk about indoor led display. In the past, indoor led display was all surface-mounted. The characteristics of indoor surface-mounted display: image clarity High, rich in color, but the disadvantage lies in the high price. The outdoor LED display is still mainly plugged in. Now, the indoor LED display is basically surface-mounted. Because the outdoor LED display is relatively bright, the brightness is relatively high, so the indoor display is not as bright as the outdoor display. Outdoor module unit board characteristics: high brightness, waterproof, rich colors, the disadvantage is that the installation requires technical guidance. 2Brightness If the indoor unit board is used outdoors, the brightness is far below the requirement, and it looks like it is not bright. The unit board is an indoor unit board, and the brightness is much darker than the outdoor LED unit board, but it is used indoors. The outdoor unit board looks dazzling, try to use the indoor unit board. 3. The waterproof outdoor screen is composed of individual cabinets, and the indoor screen can also have a cabinet or not. Because the outdoor screen must take into account the problem of waterproofing, the front of the outdoor product must be waterproof. If the price is simpler, the back Non-waterproof. In this case, it is necessary to do a good job of waterproofing. Glue is generally available, but not indoors. 4Installation of LED display screens is divided into multiple installation methods according to the user's use environment, including: wall-mounted, cantilever, mosaic, column, standing, roof, mobile, arc and other installation methods. Indoor installation is convenient and simple, and there are not many styles. It is relatively simple. It is more troublesome and dangerous to install outdoor LED display outdoors. 5 Price The indoor LED display is generally not far away from the viewing distance, the basic choice is relatively high-definition, the price is definitely higher than the outdoor large screen generally viewing distance is relatively far. If you choose too high-definition, it is not clear. LED displays are customized according to the viewing distance. The price is naturally different. Huaze Optoelectronics
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