What is the difference between outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor led full-color display _Indoor full

What is the difference between outdoor, semi-outdoor and indoor led full-color display? _Indoor full-color display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-07
When choosing a full-color LED display, we must first choose which LED display to make according to the surrounding environment and use. What is the difference between outdoor, semi-outdoor, and indoor full-color LED displays? Outdoor full-color LED display: Due to the outdoor environment, we need the LED display to have the following functions: 1. Waterproof, lightning protection, dustproof, windproof, etc. 2. Brightness: Enough brightness can display well in the sun, so that the viewing is not affected. 3. Installation method: The safest installation method and steel structure should be adopted outdoors. Generally: column type embedded. 4. Viewing distance: The best viewing distance for outdoor displays is always farther than the semi-outdoor and indoor displays. 5. Outdoor display screens are generally used for advertising screens. Outdoor full-color LED displays are mainly used in: large squares, advertising media, stadiums, evening events, etc. Many outdoor places. Semi-outdoor LED display: Between outdoor and indoor, the outdoor LED display can be turned into a semi-outdoor display when it can cover the rain. For example: corridors, doors and other places. Its advantages are: the price is cheaper than outdoor LED displays, and other performance aspects are a bit lower than outdoor LED displays, but semi-outdoor LED displays must not be exposed to water. Semi-outdoor LED displays are mainly used in places that can shelter from rain outdoors, such as door screens, corridors and so on. Indoor full-color display: it is the LED display used indoors, such as: the background led display at the front desk of the company, the large led screen for corporate projects, and so on. The main advantages of indoor full-color display are: 1. More comprehensive display of information in a small area. 2. It can be illuminated to improve the grade of the occasion. 3. It can automatically adjust the brightness according to the surrounding environment, adapt to the best environment, and achieve the best viewing brightness. 4. Durable, long life of the display screen. The main purpose of its indoor LED display: meeting rooms, shopping malls, corporate units, evening parties, hotels, bars, etc. Now everyone should have a certain understanding of the difference between outdoor full-color led display, semi-outdoor full-color led display and indoor full-color display, and you can choose according to your actual situation when you buy it.
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