What is the viewing angle of the LED display _Round LED Display|Indoor LED Display|Huaze Optoelectro

What is the viewing angle of the LED display? _Round LED Display|Indoor LED Display|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
The viewing angle of the LED display screen is the maximum viewing angle at which the viewing object can clearly see the content in the display screen. The viewing angle of the LED display is determined by the viewing angle of the LED lamp beads. 1. Standard type. Usually used as indicator light, its half-value angle is 20°~45°. At present, most outdoor display screens use horizontal viewing angle of 100°; vertical viewing angle of 50°; 2. Scattering type. This is an elliptical LED with a larger viewing angle. For indoor LED displays, both horizontal and vertical are 120°; 3. High directivity. Generally, it is packaged with a pointed epoxy, or packaged with a metal reflective cavity, and no scattering agent is added. The LED display on the highway generally uses 30° due to its particularity; a circular LED display with a viewing angle is sufficient. Some high-rise LED displays have higher requirements for vertical viewing angles. Viewing angle and brightness are contradictory to each other, and a large viewing angle will inevitably reduce brightness. The choice of perspective needs to be determined according to the specific purpose.
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