What kind of experience is eating chicken on the super large LED display _Full color LED display man

What kind of experience is 'eating chicken' on the super large LED display? _Full color LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-18
Who youth does not play? In this age of 'online gamesPeople usually 'eat chicken' on their mobile phones and computers. Is the 'Chicken Battlefield' equipped with a large LED display more exciting? Not long ago, the PGI Global Invitational staged an unprecedentedly grand 'chicken-eating' battle. The customized 'poison circle' LED large stage with cool lights and shadows and firework special effects allowed all audiences to instantly enter the immersive 'chicken-eating' battlefield. . The overlapping and staggered circles on the main stage, including the commentary seat, the position of the participating teams and the seats of the players, are all circular designs, which fit the 'poison circle' in the 'PUBG Mobile' game and create a tense atmosphere of competition. With the huge 360° cylindrical LED transparent screen in the center of the stage and the four large LED screens above the main stage, the game is broadcast live in real time during the switching between the first and third vision, which truly interprets the intense scenes in the game. This multi-visualization split-screen technology allows the audience to watch the exciting stadiums of multiple teams at the same time, which greatly improves the viewing of the game, and also greatly enhances the stage effect. In the past two years, as the public’s perception of games has changed, the game industry has continued to develop. The game experience has gone from TV and computers to the popular mobile games. Not only that, the current game live broadcasts, competitions, professional leagues, etc. have appeared one after another, and Get strong support from government departments. There is no doubt that it is a huge market with unlimited potential, which also brings excellent opportunities for the market expansion of the LED display industry. According to the global game market survey data released by Newzoo, it was estimated at the time that by 2017, the total revenue of the global video game industry was not less than 108.8 billion, which was nearly three times higher than the global movie box office revenue in 2016. Because whether it is professional game live studios, indoor and outdoor game live broadcasts, or game competition outfields, they have the same product requirements as concerts, movies, and traditional sports events. These markets, The field is the mainstream market of LED display products, and LED display products also have inherent advantages in these fields. Especially with the popularization of LED interactive floor tiles and LED transparent screens in the stage art market, they can better satisfy the sense of science and technology in game competitions. And immersive look and feel needs, so that LED display products will have more say in the game competition scene. In November last year, the large annular LED screen used at the League of Legends ('LOL') global finals. At present, electronic (game) competition has become a formal sports event. In this general environment, in addition to the richer competitions, the construction of arenas and training centers for the cultivation of competitive talents by the private sector or related obstacles will follow one after another. , The demand for large-screen displays will inevitably also surge, and the game industry may become one of the mainstream LED display markets in the future. In the face of this large market of 100 billion yuan, the LED display industry must be more attentive and come up with products that are more suitable for the competitive game market. For example, LED display products with multi-screen interaction, 3D, VR and other technologies will inevitably bring a better gaming experience in game competitions and live broadcasts, making this industry more prosperous and exploding with amazing prospects.
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