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What will 2019 led display companies rely on to win the market? #华泽光光#

by:XY Screens     2021-10-11
In 2018, the LED display industry is not going well. Looking back on 2018, from the beginning of the year’s raw material price increases and the trade wars, etc., to the cold economic environment in the second half of the year, a large number of inferior products flowed into the market, the 'Golden Nine and Silver Ten' was bleed, and the industry's low price wave...This year the LED industry After all kinds of stumbling and stumbling, all LED screen people who survive on low prices are miserable, and screen companies are also tired of dealing with various difficulties every day. However, recently, LED display companies in the industry have started their transformation and abandoned the previous marketing concept of winning by price. So, according to the current industry development, what else can LED companies rely on to win the market? LED display business is not good” This is estimated to be the new life of most people in the industry. Especially after the cold winter of 2018, they have to face the fierce market competition opened in advance in 2019. In the new era and new economic environment , How should LED display manufacturers deal with the challenges? It is possible to realize corporate development and structural transformation in the low-speed industrial development channel as soon as possible, and establish ecological cooperation and coordinated development with competitors, target customers, and upstream suppliers. At the moment, the best choice for screen companies to stabilize themselves and seek further development.  As we all know, the LED display industry has been in the quagmire of oversupply and demand. Drinking manufacturers are facing huge inventory pressure and are eager to sell stock products and continue to increase New inventory products. As the industry develops more and more mature this year, some manufacturers have begun to think about how to reach a synergy and win-win situation with upstream and downstream suppliers in the industry chain, friends, and end customers, and even peers, to provide more and better products for the end market. Products, experience and services, while achieving their own development.    Although this winter of 2018 is a bit sad, the good news is that the upgrade and transformation of the entire LED display industry has not slowed down. Instead, with the increasingly fierce market competition, manufacturers have begun to start from products. , Technology, and service volume change to a qualitative leap. In 2019, if LED display manufacturers want to obtain development opportunities in the cold market environment, they must completely change the past 'one-hammer sale' concept of doing business and embark on an ecological synergy. Development path.  Of course, the establishment of an ecosystem does not require all manufacturers to transform from 'selling products' to solution service providers, but to establish a win-win platform based on market demand, as well as suppliers, distributors, peers, and users. The core is to solve two problems: how to create good products and good services; how to establish a user-centered co-creation and win-win thinking. So how the manufacturers realize the transformation from doing business to doing ecology, the following points are worthy of reference. Be as practical as possible and listen to the voice of the terminal market as much as possible. At present, customers and users of the LED display terminal market are becoming more and more mature and rational. They have their own needs for products, solutions, technologies and even services. Manufacturers want more of them. They have become participants and promoters of their own innovation and change.    Adhere to the bottom line and principles of competition and win-win. At present, the number of large manufacturers in the LED display industry is increasing. LED display manufacturers and Manufacturers in the market are not only a competitive relationship, but also a cooperative relationship. Especially with the intensification of industry competition, win-win cooperation has become a major trend in the industry.     Persist in the drive and direction of innovation and development. The survival skills of all LED display manufacturers are not the ultimate goal. Manufacturers must adapt to changes in the times and changes in market demand, continue to promote the content improvement and form innovation of a series of products, services, experience, etc., and actively embrace the rapidly changing era , Can’t stay on the watch.    In 2019, LED display manufacturers should pay attention to the establishment of an end-user-oriented production system on the road of transformation and upgrading. With the sharing of interests with partners in the upstream and downstream industry chain, the state-of-the-art platform will promote the sound development of more LED display industries. In general, the advantages and disadvantages of China's LED display manufacturing industry are changing. Under the new situation, LED display manufacturers will retreat if they do not advance, and companies have a long way to go on this road.
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