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Which is better, white projection screen or gray projection screen?

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
Which color is good for the projection screen? Many friends asked me directly whether it is better to use white or gray for the projection screen. If you simply say white or gray is very general. Because you can use other materials to make a projection screen of this color, and which color projection screen to use depends on the principle of the brightness and contrast of your projector to determine which projection screen you choose. The commonly used colors of projection screens are white projection screen and gray projection screen (gray is the mainstream color, light gray, gray screen, etc., collectively referred to as gray). The choice of projection screen depends on the size of the room, the degree of light blocking, and the height of the user's seat. Distance and so on. The choice of projection screen should be considered comprehensively. Don't just meet the needs of one aspect, the other aspects are not suitable or perfect. 1. With the advancement of science and technology, the technology of home projectors is getting higher and higher. LCD projectors perform better on black, perfect chips are constantly updated, and the contrast is getting higher and higher. You can choose a white screen; and if the brightness is higher, the contrast It is not very high. If the black performance is not very strong and it is an LCD, a gray screen is recommended to make up for the shortcomings of insufficient contrast. 2. If you choose a DLP projector, generally you can choose a white projection screen without specifying the environment and other factors, which can improve the vividness of the colors. If the light is not very dark and you are in the living room, you can also choose a gray screen. . In addition to the benefits of gray screens that make the image darker in black, it can also increase contrast. In addition, it can resist the reflected light of the environment. The choice of the appropriate color should be determined by the user according to his actual situation.   curtain + projector is now the mainstream configuration for many users to build home theater. If you are worried about how to build your own home theater, if you are worried about what kind of projection screen you choose, then you can contact the screen. The screen can tailor you a home theater that is completely suitable for you, only what you can't think of can't do it. Learn more about 400-000-3925
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