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Who can 'debut in C position' LED display subdivision products? _LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-10-03
Throughout the entire LED display industry, as terminal consumption continues to upgrade, subdivided products including small pitch LEDs and transparent LED screens are constantly enriched. This brings infinite vitality to the industry and officially opens the market for subdivided products. The battle for status in the industry. So, in the context of the ever-increasing competitive pressure, who can be better than each of the various subdivided products in various forms and competitions to obtain the opportunity of 'C-position debut'? 1. LED light bar screen 'highly respected' outdoor market As the 'old man' in the LED display segment, the unique LED light bar screen is far superior to traditional outdoor advertising screens in terms of weight, wind load, or shading, making it a place in the field of outdoor advertising. However, due to the lack of clarity of the product, the LED light bar screen is always untenable in the field of close-up outdoor display, and has certain application limitations. However, as the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, major cities have increased investment in urban lighting projects, which has brought huge market space for LED light bar screens. Although the LED light bar screen has a limited market share today, it will never affect its steady development in the outdoor segment. 2. The small-pitch LED display technology has been broken into the strongest candidate for the 'C position'. The price of LED displays continues to become more affordable to the people, and small-pitch LED display products have become the “sweet and delicious” in the LED display market, and major LED display companies are vying to lay out the small-pitch field. Especially this year, COB, MINI LED and other packaging technologies have made breakthrough progress. Both product spacing and display performance have been improved by leaps and bounds. This allows major manufacturers to see the brighter development prospects of small-pitch LED displays, and also helps The small-pitch LED display opens up a more abundant application space. Small-pitch LED display products have become the main 'heritor' of the company's net profit growth, and in order to comply with the development of the market, dozens of companies have begun to deploy MINI small-pitch LED display product lines and are expected to achieve mass production. According to more data, in the next 2-3 years, small-pitch LED display products will continue to maintain an ultra-high growth rate, with a compound growth rate of 60%, and the market size will be close to 10 billion yuan by 2018. With the continuous improvement of commercialization, the demand for indoor LED display commercial display will also continue to increase, and the small-pitch LED display will continue to prosper in the future. 3. The hot LED rental screens in the performing arts market followed closely. With the country’s policy of accelerating the development of cultural undertakings, the performing arts undertakings are developing rapidly, and cultural performing arts activities are no longer an exclusive entertainment method in first-tier cities, but are moving at a faster rate. Popularize to third- and fourth-tier cities. The rental market has strong demand, low entry barriers and fierce competition. As one of the most commonly used equipment for stage beauty, LED stage rental screens are also hot in the market. Moreover, under the booming development of concerts in the Chinese music scene, various high-end, customized LED stage rental screens emerge in endlessly, often giving people a strong sense of visual shock. As far as the current situation is concerned, due to the high cost and the need for special personnel to operate, the stage rental screen is still not affordable for ordinary stage activities. However, based on its update speed is not slow, and the use of LED displays is getting easier and easier, although it can not occupy the 'C position4. LED transparent screens have come to the top in all major fields. The application of LED transparent screens in LED displays has only been officially opened in the past two years. Compared with traditional heavy LED displays, LED transparent screens have a sense of fashion, science and technology, and a strong sense of integration. It is famous for its advantages and is widely used in outdoor advertising, high-end concerts, urban lighting and other popular fields, and presents a hot scene. In recent years, the rectification of issues surrounding outdoor advertising and light pollution has gradually become the focus of city appearance management. Outdoor LED displays are repeatedly affected, but the characteristics of LED transparent screens installed indoors and close to the glass curtain walls of buildings can be very good. Avoid such problems. With the continuous development of commercialization and urbanization, the number of glass curtain wall buildings continues to increase, and the application market for LED transparent screens as outdoor advertising display carriers is expected to grow further. Some people predict that LED transparent screens will grow into the 'dark horse' of the industry and the strongest competitor to compete with the 'C position' of small pitch. 5. Creative display highlights the charm of LED special-shaped screen has unlimited future. The continuous development of technology has brought infinite possibilities for the display effect of LED display. With the continuous diversification of terminal demand, LED special-shaped screen has also ushered in the spring of development. Especially, whether it is a bar that highlights the charm of individuality, or the field of stage beauty that pursues shocking visual effects, or the high-end modern architecture with unique shapes, these markets are very large, and they are eager for customized and creative LED special-shaped screens. need. LED special-shaped screens have different appearances and different structures. Therefore, the technical requirements for manufacturers are more stringent, resulting in relatively high cost. They are mostly used in high-end fields with high demand for display effects. The cost of products is slowly decreasing, and the application range of LED special-shaped screens will gradually expand, and the future is limitless. It can be seen that the LED display subdivision products are all shining in their respective subdivision areas. Although the 'C position' struggle continues, it is the joint efforts of all products that can create such a colorful LED display. The screen market brings an unparalleled visual experience to the audience.
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