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Why bother to compare 720P and 1080P projection screens

by:XY Screens     2021-09-25
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people now have higher requirements for home theater equipment. Traditional TV sets are no longer satisfied. Home projectors have gradually become the first choice for building private home theaters. But for beginners, whether to buy a 1080P model or a 720P model is very entangled? Especially after visiting some audio-visual forums, I heard that there is no difference between 720P and 1080P, and I was even more confused. So what is it? Just through the actual comparison, you can know. In this issue, I will bring you a comparison of high-definition pictures and Blu-ray video output from 720P and 1080P models. The selected models are two new home projectors from BenQ, W1070 (1080P) and W770ST (720P). . Let’s first understand the performance aspect. Both BenQ home projectors use DLP display technology. BenQ W1070 has a nominal brightness of 2000 lumens, a contrast ratio of up to 10000:1, and a standard resolution of Full HD 1080p (1920×1080). The BenQ W1070 has a standard resolution of HD (1280×720), high brightness of 2500 lumens, and ultra-high contrast ratio of 13000:1. In this comparison, the pictures were taken under the same environment. The high-definition pictures and the same Blu-ray movie were used, and the projection size was 80 inches. The shooting distance was the same, and the difference was small, so it was more objective. Through actual comparison, the picture quality of the 720P model is different than that of the 1080P. The picture quality of the 1080P output is more delicate, especially for close-up viewing. However, if the viewing distance is about 3 meters or more, the difference between the output of the 720P model and the 1080P model is not obvious. But if you want to play more than 120 inches screen, you still choose 1080P, after all, you get what you pay for. In the final analysis, it varies from person to person, and what you like is the most important thing. You also need to choose the source of your daily watching movies. For newcomers and friends with limited budgets, it is more wise to choose a 720P, and you can also experience cinema-like visual effects.
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