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Why choose Alr projector screen

Why choose Alr projector screen


ALR stands for Ambient light rejection screens. ALR screen introduces some surface of the images that do not come from the projectors. The very first projector screen is introduced by British photographer Eadweard Muybridge in 1879 and its name is Zoopraxiscope. In this projector, the glass disks are used to show the impression of the motion. Some projection elements are given below

Light Source:

Even limelight and incandescent lighting are the first light source used in the projectors. In the 1900s up to the 1960s, carbon arc lamps were the source of light and these tubes used in the projector. These tubes are firstly introduced in Germany in 1957 and after in the US in 1963. Now, these tubes are used in all of the worlds. All theaters have used these tubes.


A metal that cut the light before it can get to film. The douser is the part of the lamphouse, and it may be operated automatically or manually. Douser protects the film when the lamp is on ad the film is not run.


The shutter is the gate that gives the illusion between two frames. The gate stops the film while the shutter is open. The modern shutter is designed with the two flicker-rat times one is 48 Hz and the second is 72 Hz.

Imaging lens:

A projection with multiple optical elements directs the image of the film to a viewing screen.

Projector lens is different in aperture and the focal length according to needs. The different lens is used for different aspects of the ration.

Types of Projectors screen

Projectors meet you from the markets in different types:


It means that the main article is 8mm. This kind of projectors is used for the home movie. It is used double sprocket 16mm film, it runs with the camera exposing one side the camera is removed. The 16mm film divided into two pieces on the basis of split lengthwise.

Super 8:

It means that the main article is super 8mm. This is developed by Kodak. It uses very small sprocket holes that allow more of the image to use. This thing increases the quality of the image.


The main article is the 9.5mm film. It is introduced by Pathe Frères in 1922. It provides a commercially made film for the home user. The format uses a single, central perforation between each pair of a frame.


The main article is the 16mm film. This king of ALR projector screen used in school and high entertainment system. This type of projector used in different places just like TV shows and theaters etc. 16mm film use today as a format for short films, independent features, and music videos.


This is the most commonALR projector screen used for a theatrical production in the 20th century. This developed by Leica to use for making the film. 35mm film size is run vertically through the camera and the projector.

ALR projector screen for your project

We used this screen for the quality home theater. The projector provides a quality screen. There are some reasons to choose this screen into home TV environment:

TV environment affects eyes as well as the health of the person. In the TV environment TV sent some waves who highly affect the person. On the other hand, the projector not affects the eyes. The projector screen enhances the visual qualities of a projected image.

I would like to choose ALR projector screen because it provides quality. Know these days two types of projectors are used First id Matte and other is this screen.

Matte has a 1.0-12 gain classification. Gain is the measure of projectors screens ability to make a picture. Matte used the white screen to make natural images. The advantages of matte white screen materials are versatility and low cost and disadvantage of matte are that its film is easily washed. This screen serves a dual role of enhancing the picture in dynamic range. It means that light reflects off the surface this type of screen provides a quality result to the viewer. And it sends a light beam on the surface at the same angle on incidence and this thing provides a good film and the user will enjoy this.

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