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Why is the 'breakup movie' of 'Predecessor 3' so popular?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-29
'Predecessor 3: Goodbye Predecessor' has recently become popular. It is not an ordinary fire. Fans and audiences from all over the world on Kuaishou and Douyin have used 'Predecessor 3' as a play, and there was a lot of crying. The box office started at 1.2 billion, and according to relevant analysis, it can even fall to 1.5 billion. This film, as long as anyone who has a bit of movie watching, thinks it is average: the lens is average, the narrative is average, and the subject matter is average. So why is it so popular? 1. Genre: 'Predecessor 3' has multiple elements, which makes it like a four-different movie. It is neither the chick movie that was popular in the past few years, nor is it a pure comedy movie. According to director Tian Hanyu, the original decision to do this series was because the predecessor was a good focus. Whether it is comedy or love, it has not become the binding framework of 'Predecessor 3In essence, this is a movie dominated by emotional flow. It is also different from movies like 'The Year in a Hurry' and 'The Gardenia Blossoms2. Schedule: Any good movie, without a good schedule, is destined to be squeezed. So many movies have to skip tickets, and many movies have to be postponed. 2017 and early 18th are not a hot schedule, but it is a schedule without big-name competitors. The Spring Festival file has not officially started yet, which leaves enough room for the only core youth sentiment film that can be seen, giving it the possibility of its rise. In fact, there have been no romance movies to watch in the past few months, so the appearance of 'Predecessor 3' satisfies the hunger and thirst of some audiences. In addition, this film follows the schedule of 'Fang Hua'. Due to genre differences, 'Star Wars' can't stop the continued revenue of 'Predecessor 3.' And this phenomenon is enough to prove how big the Chinese film market is. Directors in the future are still promising. 3. View of love: In terms of content, the view of love in 'Predecessor 3' is also very interesting. Compared with 'Predecessor Strategy' or 'Predecessor Strategy 2: Spare Tire CounterattackThe director said that the story of this episode refers to the emotions of personal experience, and maybe even the real emotions of the leading actor Zheng Kai (Isn't he lost in love), so he can speak the emotions deeper and more thoroughly. Although I think the two protagonists are very creative, they are deadly and deadly, and the good love is lost. But the confession at the end is really true. This part of the farewell is not understood by people who have never been in love, and people who criticize the three wrong views are afraid that they are just talking on paper. The story of 'Previous 3' is more like saying goodbye to first love. First love is often loved but separated by immaturity. Saying goodbye to something, some people will definitely eat mango and pretend to be the supreme treasure, which seems to be a dramatic but sincere way. So many people who have had such a profound predecessor or have delicate emotions will cry when they see this scene. 4. Resonance: When watching movies becomes a daily entertainment for the general public, ordinary audiences need not only large-scale productions of swords and shadows, but also empathy. Audiences who gave good reviews generally thought that although the movie was mediocre, it had its own tears, which made people sigh with emotion. They are not emotionally moved by the drama, but the film inspires their own emotional experience. Let the audience have a sense of enthusiasm and generate emotional identification. Finally, let's share some of the lines: the two people separated because one thought they would not leave, the other thought they would stay. There will always be a gentle person to make you warm, and then leave silently. My mission is to accompany, her mission is to let me grow. You don't necessarily get something when you grow up, you definitely lose something. Get ready to go to the theater and have a good cry! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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