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why my samsung gear vr virtual reality headset is gathering dust

by:XY Screens     2020-03-04
Daryl DeinoI once thought that Samsung Gear VR was the most innovative technology device since the iPad in 2001.
Gear VR is walking around with me.
I buy the developers of version in December November 20 last year 14 years of commercial version.
I never thought I \'d get tired of it, but I\'m tired of it;
There was dust in my room.
In fact, I had to wipe the lens when I went to test a new app this morning.
Don\'t get me wrong.
Gear VR is really an innovative device, and Samsung has helped Oculus build a device for mobile VR, which is commendable.
When I got it for the first time, my eyes spent hours watching movies in the virtual reality cinema.
It\'s great to have your own virtual IMAX cinema.
Just put on headphones and it\'s cool to go to China, New York and even Africa.
Did I mention that if both of you have Gear VR, you can watch video clips and chat with a friend thousands of miles away and go to the moon together?
The problem is that although all this was exciting at first, the quality of the experience was quite poor and in the end it became too much trouble.
The biggest problem is the so-called \"screen door effect\" where one can easily see a single pixel that builds an image.
Just like looking through the screen door.
On a smartphone 1 feet away, the four HD resolution screen may look beautiful, but when the screen is enlarged in front of your eyes, the situation is different.
Maybe the 4 k screen will play the role of the screen door, but the 4 k smartphone screen will consume a lot of battery life, which is unnecessary for 95% of smartphone users.
Still, this requires a more immersive experience that should have been immersive.
The most annoying problem with Gear VR (
This includes each release so far)
The lens is easy to blur.
Sometimes it gets so annoying that you just want to take the Gear VR off your head and throw it across the room.
I found a solution that usually helps: Rain
Interior glass anti-XFog.
But why does someone have to spend money on this after they \'ve already spent more than $100 (
Over $200 in the past)on the headset?
Then, what is usually known is the FOV (field-of-view)
, It determines the widest size of the image that your eyes can see.
While Gear VR does offer some sort of immersive experience, it looks like you\'re seeing it through an ice house helmet.
However, the situation has become worse.
Due to the reflection of light, your eyes will notice that there are two transparent dark squares on the side of the image.
They are not so prominent, but they are there.
When you look at the right, it disappears and the left one disappears.
But in the virtual reality world, you need to be able to see the center.
To get rid of these clear, annoying black squares, I tried putting a couple of bandages on my nose, which works sometimes but makes the headphones feel less comfortable.
Why should I compromise again?
Why do consumers have to make these compromises?
Gear VR should be about enjoyment, but making it work properly has become a hard job.
Maybe I\'m too harsh.
After all, most of the people I showed were blown away ---
At least at first.
I dare not be impressed with the Jurassic World VR app, which has a dragon staring at you only a few centimeters away from mistaken you for vegetables.
There\'s also the Temple Run VR, which makes you really feel like you\'re escaping the monster.
As long as you don\'t watch the show for more than half an hour, the Netflix app is also enjoyable.
However, virtual reality is a very important technology.
It has failed for decades and has not had a chance to take off until now.
If consumers experience a virtual reality experience as mediocre as Google Cardboard, or experience a frustrating experience in Gear VR, they may not give it a chance when the technology is perfect.
It is hoped that the upcoming Oculus Rift will at least correct some of the drawbacks of Gear VR and bring virtual reality into the mainstream.
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