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XY Screens - the audio-visual manufacturer 

with 10% growth in sales each month.


On October 26, 2018, Mr. Qin, the founder and general manager of Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-visual Equipment Co., Ltd. (XY Screens), was interviewed. This is an article published after the interview.




   Journalist: Could you tell us about the entrepreneurial story of XY Screens?


Mr. Qin: I majored in mechanical design engineering, which is related to the business [audiovisual] I am currently involved in. I like to delve into the product structure and production process. Now our projection technology has been developed and updated very quickly. More importantly, its visual application is always based on reflected light rather than direct light.

Today, many people, especially children and students, suffer from myopia and amblyopia because they always look directly at the TV and LED/LCD. In fact, they stare at the lamp panel, which weakens the optic nerve and causes eye problems. Projection screens using reflected light projection techniques and based primarily on diffuse reflection imaging principles do not harm the eye.

In schools, electronic teaching platforms (video-based teaching) have been widely promoted, which solves the problem of teachers passively inhaling chalk dust. However, most of the screens used are not resistant to ambient light, and there is a problem that the display is unclear. Their resolution and contrast are very low, so students sitting in the back seat in class can't see the screen.

The Chinese government has promulgated a policy to prevent myopia. As an enterprise dedicated to the audio-visual business, we should focus on public eyesight protection by developing low-gain (<1.0) audiovisual front projection technology.


  Journalist: What achievements has XY Screens made since its establishment?


Mr. Qin: In the past five years, we have established many product lines (mainly projection screens) and have a wide range of product applications. We are a private micro and small enterprise under the “Belt and Road” national strategy, a high-tech enterprise authorized by the Chinese government, and a company tested by the testing officials of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. Because we focus on the high safety and environmental protection of our products, the local government has designated us as a model company. We have a large number of patents and have passed ISO system certification, and annual sales have doubled year-on-year.




  Journalist: What is the brand value, mission and vision of XY Screens?


Mr. Qin: I am committed to the projection screen industry. I value brand value very much. In the process of diversifying the product line, we have also established a strong brand image, from the powerful Xiangyun audio-visual, affordable XY screen and cost-effective JG projection screen to the luxurious Lucas Audio-Visual.

So far, we have tapped into the low, medium and high-end markets and have strong brand influence in countries such as France. In the future, our passionate team will continue to design new audiovisual equipment.




  Journalist: If the company intends to expand its market share, what can be done?


Mr. Qin: In the past, audiovisual companies always seize the market through price wars. To make matters worse, some companies' products are priced below cost, which makes them difficult to survive. XY Screens is guided by product innovation to improve product quality.


At present, some audiovisual companies have realized the importance of product quality improvement and innovation enhancement. We are working with our peer companies to improve our industry level and have now become a leader with our value marketing strategy in the industry and have a large following. We are more tolerant of market changes and believe that we can only make further improvements as the industry progresses. We will strive to surpass ourselves.


XY Screens has been improving R&D, design and service related to the audiovisual business. Strategically, we market ourselves based on the “N + 1” model, which focuses on our official website and aims to improve the brand image. We firmly believe that the business will get better and better!




  Journalist: Could you elaborate on your company's products? What is the advantage of your products?


Mr. Qin: In the past five years, the R&D team has become more powerful and has developed many new products. Five years ago, due to the elegant appearance and wide viewing angle of mobile phones and televisions, we proposed the idea of a narrow-edged curved frame screen. Four years ago, we designed the high gain micropore 4K sound transparent screen based on the acoustic transmission and 3D technology. Three years ago, we developed several portable projection screens with people’ s life improving and their requirements for product experience becoming more demanding.

The laser source is rich in light and rich in color. In this regard, we have developed black screens with different physical, chemical and optical characteristics. We believe that the era of the light-resistant black screen is coming. The current 90s/00s seek personalized customization. In the future, projection screens may be more expensive than projectors.

All of our company's projection screens have been patented and are national high-tech enterprises. To date, we have been highly recognized and have obtained more than 50 patents. Our 3 complete product lines include intelligent high-definition motorized screens, fixed frame screens and fast folding screens, all of which have passed the high-tech certification of Guangdong Province.

  Journalist: What makes the projection effect excellent?


Mr. Qin: Regarding projection, the excellent effect is always due to the choice of the projector and projection screen. Curtains are very important and may double the effect of the projection.

However, in reality, the importance of the projection screen is often overlooked. People always pay attention only to the projector. Due to the increasing demand for displays, factors affecting the effects (including, of course, projection screens) are receiving increasing attention.

Projection screens often work with different projectors, which is important for a good display. We are also constantly enriching our product line to provide more types of audiovisual equipment in the future.




  Journalist: What was your original intention when you started the foreign trade business?


Mr. Qin: In the past, we mainly engaged ourselves in the domestic audio-visual business. Now we pay attention to foreign trade. In the domestic market, deals can be made quickly because the customers are informed of our products more directly. In the international market, customers may think more about the quantity and price. Though our sales team for foreign business was set up late, we are full of confidence about the business both at home and abroad!

  Journalist: How did XY Screens start the foreign business?


Mr. Qin: Regarding the current audiovisual business, we have increased the advertising investment and strengthened our innovation capabilities to expand product applications. We participated in many exhibitions that showcase our manufacturing capabilities. These activities are our offline channel promotions. We also took advantage of the online platform and made great efforts to build a reliable website, which allowed us to increase sales by 10% per month.




  Journalist: How about the next promotion plan of XY Screens?


Mr. Qin: We will make every effort to expand the audiovisual business. This year, we intend to improve the projection screen business while developing new audio-visual equipment. This year we have developed audio and video cabinets, projection brackets, audio and video cables. We will develop into a professional manufacturer of various audiovisual equipment and demonstrate our manufacturing capabilities to the public.





Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-visual Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of projection screens, integrating R&D and production. The R&D and production base is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, which is the central area of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. Since its inception in 2013, the company has grown rapidly and has developed a complete product line. Our products include fixed frame projector screens, motorized projector screens, portable projector screens, projector stands, folding frame screens, floor screens, desktop screens, large-scale engineering motorized and frame screens and projector brackets, mainly used for science, education, business, home and other fields. They are exported to more than 60 countries and regions.


XY Screens adheres to the craft spirit of “excellence”. Our product quality is now recognized by users. In addition, the company continues to innovate to showcase our strong brand strength.


“Steady operation of manufacturing platform based on innovation and high quality” is the company's pursuit.



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