Wireless control LED display application is closer to the intelligent manufacturing application_LED

Wireless control LED display application is closer to the 'intelligent manufacturing' application_LED display manufacturer|Huaze Optoelectronics

by:XY Screens     2021-09-01
In recent years, industrial manufacturing has been gradually separated from traditional manual manufacturing. Some manufacturers have used intelligent production equipment to achieve intelligent integrated manufacturing. The transformation of enterprises from 'manufacturing' to 'intelligent manufacturing' is currently quite forward-looking. In the future, many companies will play greater value in 'intelligent manufacturing'. Faced with the concept of 'intelligent manufacturing' sweeping the world and the concept of 'intelligent manufacturing' constantly deepening, the LED display manufacturing industry has also fully realized the importance of 'intelligent manufacturing' in recent years, and has seen the For the business opportunities of 'applicationThe clock on the wall is a huge LED display, which can tell the time automatically, and can also provide you with an alarm wake-up service, which only needs to be set by voice. The smart display on the bedroom closet can act as a 'magic mirror'. All the clothes in the closet are displayed on the screen, and you can see the effect of your try-on on the screen, which is very intimate. In terms of intelligent transportation, LED displays are currently used in the settings of some first-tier cities in China, such as bus stations, expressways, transportation hubs, areas with high passenger flow, scenic commercial streets and other fields. In the future, LED displays will be used in these areas. Applications will be more intelligent, digital and networked. Through the introduction of intelligent application products of LED display screens into the market, the commercial value of LED display screens will gradually increase, while expenses and costs will be greatly reduced. In addition to the previous display reminder function, in terms of intelligent transportation, the LED smart display will be bound to the real-time information of the traffic network. The display screens in all traffic routes can be controlled on the LED screen of the traffic deployment headquarters. And display, through intelligent prompts, can greatly reduce urban traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents. In recent years, the application of LED displays in sports events has gradually expanded. Through live and broadcast on large screens, audiences can be more clearly aware of all real-time dynamics on the spot. At present, although many companies have begun to get involved in the sports field , But there is still a lot of room for improvement in the application of LED display in the field of sports. It is expected that after smart application to LED display in the future, the presentation of sports events will be more humane. In the face of noisy scenes, LED display will It will cooperate with the radio equipment to minimize the noise at the scene; it can also render and change the warm and cold color of the display according to the volume of the fans shouting at the scene. In the field of literary science and education, LED display screens also have many applications. In the future, when teachers are in class, the blackboard will become an LED display screen. This kind of led display screen can automatically switch courseware, and can also provide voice prompts when students are not paying attention in class. Teaching effect. After class, through the LED display, students can check relevant learning materials on their own, which is very convenient. In terms of literature and art, some cultural centers, libraries, and exhibition halls have smart LED displays, which will display works more perfectly and give visitors a more intuitive and true feeling. People can freely choose the content and format they want to watch. Some foreign works can also be translated into Chinese or comics through the LED display to help visitors understand. After the sound of the clarion call for smart application of smart production equipment, many insiders were also very worried. From the current manufacturing situation, smart production equipment is indispensable, especially after the rise of smart products, for manufacturers , Production pressure will increase accordingly, and only intelligent production equipment can separate the manufacturing industry from traditional manual manufacturing and embark on the path of intelligent production. In this regard, LED display companies have hardly been involved, and there is no corresponding LED intelligent production equipment on the market. Intelligent production equipment is a great boon for factories. LED display manufacturers can reduce production costs through intelligent production, and can also appropriately reduce the manufacturing burden of workers, which is a weapon to promote the development of manufacturing. At present, some domestic manufacturers have also made a lot of practice for intelligent production equipment, and some enterprises have also achieved good results. Just imagine, if LED display companies also realize the importance of smart production equipment and develop a series of smart production equipment, what functions will these devices have? These devices will have the functions of self-detection, self-diagnosis and self-control, which can ensure the automation and quality production of products, and truly realize the requirements of informatization and interaction, so as to make them an organic part of intelligent production. In this way, the LED display industry will rise to a new stage.
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