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Without wasting money, the tips for maintenance of projector bulbs are open

by:XY Screens     2021-09-28
The projector has always been normal during use, but after a period of use, it will automatically shut down suddenly. Many friends can't help but have some doubts about this. Is the quality of the projector not good enough? Or is it used improperly? So today, the editor will share this knowledge with you to help you avoid such problems in the future. The lamp is most afraid of long-time baking and use and improper maintenance. According to the survey, it is found that most of the automatic shutdown of the projector is because the temperature of the lamp is too high and the heat cannot be dissipated in time. When it is high, the self-heat protection function of the projector will work, and the working state of the projector will automatically switch to the protection state-the projector will automatically shut down. At this time, you don’t have to be at a loss or worry. The measure taken is to wait about half an hour after the projector automatically shuts down, and then you turn on the projector according to the normal power-on sequence, and the projector can usually be restored to normal operation. In fact, the most fundamental way to solve the automatic shutdown is to clean the dust-proof structure of the projector regularly to ensure that the entire air path is unobstructed and to cool the lamp to the maximum extent; the other is not to allow the projection lamp to work for a long time without interruption. ——The author recommends that users try not to let the projection work continuously for more than 5-6 hours, especially in a slightly higher temperature environment, even if there is a cooling fan to cool down, but long-term high-temperature baking is still very difficult It is easy to cause the life of the bulb to decay. Never unplug the power directly. After the projector is turned off, the cooling fan will still rely on electricity to run at high speed for a period of time. After the fan stops working, the natural cooling time of the bulb, so when the user finishes using the projection, it is recommended to unplug the power after the fan stops working completely, so as to ensure that the projection can be shortened for natural cooling after each use. Time also indirectly plays a role in extending the life of the bulb. For some business people who particularly need to leave, the projectors that already have the on-and-off function on the market are equipped with a small accumulator, which can ensure that the fan can continue to work until the heat is dissipated after the power is cut off. It can also cut off the power and take the projector away after the presentation. Avoid repeated movement During the projection process, we will definitely encounter situations where we need to adjust the projection position. At this time, many people will adopt the method of direct movement to adjust to a suitable position. But what I want to warn you here is that the temperature of the projection bulb is very high when it is in use. At this time, the filament inside the bulb is usually working in a semi-melted state. If you move the projection frequently at this time, it is likely to be Damage to the projection lamp. Therefore, I suggest here that if it’s a projection, it’s better to lock the projection position after two or three use. If it is not a special case, we must avoid moving, so that it is not only convenient to use each time, but also reduced Indirect damage to projection. The projection lamp replacement/installation method is very particular. When the projection lamp needs to be replaced, we should immediately check the manual attached to the projector to ensure that the maintenance and replacement operation steps are correct; at the same time, when purchasing the lamp, we should also confirm which general Models of bulbs can be compatible with the projector, which ones are not compatible, if the wrong bulb type is selected, it may even burn the projection bulb or even the projector. In short, for such precious objects, we should treat them carefully and maintain them carefully. The ultimate goal is only one, which is to maximize the life of the bulb and save money.
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