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Work with Canon and Founder Information to create a different

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
Since Canon (China) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Founder Information Technology Co., Ltd. jointly announced a cooperative relationship on September 9, the two parties arrived in Shenzhen yesterday to jointly inspect the well-known domestic independent projection screen brand-Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. A preliminary cooperation intention was reached. From left to right: He Zheng of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., Yue Biao, General Manager of China Screen Division, Hiroyuki Suzuki of Canon (China) Co., Ltd., and Guoying of Beijing Founder Information Technology Co., Ltd. Canon projectors have been exploring the Chinese market for many years. With the strengthening of Canon’s diversified product strategy, Canon will further strengthen the development of the commercial imaging market while consolidating its advantages in the consumer imaging product market in China, bringing Canon’s move to more users. Faced with China, the world's largest projector market, Canon (China) projector department has proposed new market goals. As an important force in the field of domestic projector sales channels, Founder Information is also actively trying to join hands with more high-quality projector brands. While further strengthening Founder Information’s dominant position in the domestic projector sales field, it also serves China. Users provide more products that meet customer needs and have higher optical quality. Yue Biao, general manager of the China Projection Division, said: 'The initial cooperation between the three parties has helped Canon (China) make up for the lack of peripheral equipment for its projection products. It has also benefited a lot. We can use Founder Information's huge business system and Canon's good Word of mouth promotes a better comprehensive improvement of the product, and at the same time it will continue to expand its market share. I believe that the cooperation of the three parties will have bright prospects.'
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