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Workers on land

by:XY Screens     2021-08-13
The land of China is vast and vast, and there are many laborers everywhere. In recent days, due to the loss of 'Malaysia Airlines' incident, the 'train' derailment incident in Heilongjiang, and the sinking of the South Korean 'passenger ship' incident and results, I deeply feel how lucky and lucky we are as long-term living and working on land. Happiness; and at the same time, I feel deeply worried about the workers who work on the water, in the air, and on the road. Or, I am too sad, but we should take care of our bodies and maintain our safety for ourselves and our family. As people who work on land, although we will not fall into the sea, we may fall into rivers or ponds due to our carelessness. Life is not just our own, cherishing life is a lifetime mission. As a land-based worker, I sometimes feel distressed by taking the car home and choosing transportation. Maybe it is because I am too negative in my heart, maybe because I have too much concern, maybe because I have seen too much pain. Every time I get on the train home, my heart is full of fear, maybe I didn't understand it when I was young, maybe it was too worried now. The feeling of leaving the land, the feeling of being on the road, is so unreal, so uneasy. Most of the people sitting on the train are such laborers, from one place to another. When I saw the flight attendants in neat costumes passing by me, I envied them for a moment. A profession that looks so beautiful, an enviable profession, and a profession that makes it difficult to enter. Maybe they also have their own. Worry, the time of a journey is not short or long for passengers. But for a professional flight attendant, no matter how long or short, he must persevere. This is the difference between passers-by and workers, and their mission and purpose. Such non-land workers cannot escape because of accidents, they cannot give up because they don’t like them, and they cannot escape because of their willfulness. This is a competent worker. As we who work on land, we are happy, at least for the moment we are safely on land. Non-land workers can do their best, so we should do our best while maintaining our own safety. Safety is the first priority. Whether you are on an airplane, ship, train, subway, or the safest land, you can only perform your mission better while ensuring your life. Complete your work well, that is, the so-called laborer, the so-called worker.
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