Wrestling turned out to be not a stumbling block to success, but a stepping stone to success-XY Scre

Wrestling turned out to be not a stumbling block to success, but a stepping stone to success

by:XY Screens     2021-09-03
When spring came, the two seeds began to chat in the fertile soil. The first seed said: 'I must work hard to grow buds and use warm sunlight to supplement nutrients; and I must root down, so that I can fully absorb water when it rains and grow into a strong tree.'   Second After listening to the seed, he said: 'The world can't be so perfect, I'm not so optimistic. Think about it, if we take root down, we may hit a rock and hurt ourselves. If we shoot up hard, we may also The way out is blocked by the asphalt road. If we are lucky to grow young shoots, wouldn’t the snails eat us? When we bloom and bear fruit, I’m afraid the children will uproot us... I think we’d better wait until we are safer , Make more plans.'    The two of them couldn't reach a consensus and had to part ways. The first seed strives to grow upward, and finally becomes a small tree. But the second seed continued to shrink in the soil. A few days later, a rooster pecked around in the yard, and the seed unfortunately entered the rooster's belly.  Many people are discussing why some people can live happily and comfortably without regrets, while some people complain that there is nothing new in their lives. I think the most important key is whether a person is willing to take some risks and try to do something that he has never done or is not good at. Regardless of the success or failure of doing these things, you can grow and progress from the experience and experience you have done.   In the 1950s, a French girl named Florence wanted to challenge to cross the English Channel. She set out from France and swam from day to night. The more she swam, the more afraid she became. She felt more and more exhausted, and finally gave up the challenge in pain. It was a pity that the sailors on the boat helped her when they came up, because Florence only had to swim for an hour to reach the destination. Success is not far away, but unfortunately she didn't see it.   The next year she continued to challenge, this time Florence swam to England. Along the way, she imagined the beautiful picture of herself traveling to England. Even though her physical strength was similarly unsustainable, the sea was also cold, and the surroundings were dark, she knew the direction and swam forward, regardless of whether it was dark or dawn. She concentrated on swimming and finally reached the other shore! Focusing on the vision of pursuing success can actually help us overcome such a big challenge.   The greatest limitation of mankind is himself, especially his fear of the unknown.   If you want to dance to a top-notch level, you have to dance as much as you want, so that it seems as if no one is incisively and vividly. If you want to fully appreciate the taste of love, you must love it bravely, as if you have never been hurt in love. If you want to be an excellent waiter, you have to be brave enough to contact customers and convince them. It seems that you have never been rejected by customers. If you can go all out to do everything in this way, life can be very exciting.
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