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Xiongyun Industry in Shanghai Exhibition

Xiongyun Industry in Shanghai Exhibition


In early September, Xiongyun Industrial participated in two exhibitions held in Shanghai consecutively.One is the Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition; the other is HAVE 2020 Shanghai Advanced Audiovisual Exhibition.

For companies emerging from the epidemic, this is a great opportunity for brand promotion and business expansion.

As a leading manufacturer of audio-visual equipment in China ,we showed our factory's rich and diverse product lines, professional production R&D technology, and our product brand(XY Screen ,Kingo screen , Vesun AV Equipment,) to customers and peers at the exhibition.

Our products include projection screens, projector mounting, speakers , HDMI cables,audio and video cables, etc. Mainly be used in home theaters, living room , schools, banks, government agencies, museums, meteorological bureaus, five-star theaters, military, auditoriums, enterprises, hotels, High-level meeting rooms, etc.

During the exhibition, our products attracted a large number of visitors, especially our laser TV pet crytasl alr ust screens, in-ceiling electric projector screens, and electric floor rising screens aroused great attention.


Let's take a look at the situation at the exhibition site:

The audience crowded our booth

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Our staff is patiently introducing our new product to customers-electric floor rising screen 

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Our New electric in-ceiling projector mount also Also attracted the attention of many people

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Customers are studying our audio cables

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Seeing the popularity of our booth, the local TV station reported on our booth on the spot, which greatly helped our brand exposure.

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Overall, our exhibition has achieved a complete success. Through the exhibition, let more customers and colleagues know more aboutour brand and products, and also understand the R&D and manufacturing strength and development potential of our factory.

As a developing company, we will focus more on product quality control and new product research and development, continuously improve our OEM/ODM technology and experience, and strive to make our products and brands go global!

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