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Zeng Guofan's Methods and Harvard University Rules

by:XY Screens     2021-10-14
In his article 'Zeng Guofan's MeansOnce, Li Jin was defeated and fell into the enemy camp, and later fled back. Some of his subordinates framed him as a thief, and Zeng Guofan clearly distinguished his injustice and brought the false accuser to justice. One day, Li Jin greeted him and praised 'Zhongtang clearly sees thousands of miles.' He was grateful. Unexpectedly, Zeng Guofan suddenly issued an order: Although Li Jin was not a thief, he was defeated and engaged in military law. Li Jin was immediately tied to the east gate and beheaded. 'Everyone who heard this was shocked.' This is Zeng Guofan, who was aware of the end of Qiuhao: being falsely accused, return your innocence: if you lose a battle, you must engage in military law. One code is one code, and there is no personal fraud. Thinking about it carefully, the reason why Zeng Guofan led thousands of troops as a scholar is not unrelated to his superb methods. I can't help thinking of something that happened at Harvard University. One night in 1764, a fire destroyed the Harvard University library, and many valuable books were destroyed. The fire pushed a student to the forefront. Prior to this, the student violated the library rules and took a book donated by the Harvard pastor out of the library and prepared to return it after reading it. Suddenly, this book became the only rare of 250 books donated by Harvard. what to do? Do you claim it for yourself, or admit your mistakes? After a fierce ideological struggle, he knocked on the principal's office door, explained the reason, and solemnly returned the book to the school. Principal Horryok's next move was astonishing. He accepted the book to express his gratitude, praised the student for his courage and honesty, and then expelled the student. It turns out that Harvard University’s philosophy is: letting school rules guard Harvard is safer and more effective than guarding Harvard with other things. One is an important minister in the late Qing Dynasty, and the other is a world-renowned school. The two are not related. However, by comparison, it can be clearly seen that Zeng Guofan relies on discipline to govern the army, and Harvard relies on rules to govern the school. What can we learn from this era of proliferation of 'hidden rules'?
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