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10,000 screens in 2011, the box office will reach 30 billion in 5 years

by:XY Screens     2021-10-13
The CICE-MPA Film Master Class (hereinafter referred to as the 'Master Class') organized by the Motion Picture Association of America and other institutions recently opened in Beijing. Former Oscar Chairman Sidney Gannis, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Productions, John Caber, etc. Nine internationally renowned filmmakers were hired as art consultants of the Beijing International Copyright Exchange, and they discussed industry issues with representatives of the domestic film industry, including Han Sanping, Chairman of China Film Group, Wang Zhongjun, President of Huayi Brothers, and Yu Dong, President of Bona Pictures. Both Han Sanping and Yu Dong said at the opening ceremony that in the next five to eight years, the number of screens in mainland China will exceed 30,000, and the annual box office of the movie will reach 30 billion yuan.   At the opening ceremony of the 'Master ClassHan Sanping summarized the industry trend of mainland Chinese movies in recent years, and mentioned in his speech that the box office of mainland Chinese movies exceeded 10 billion yuan in 2010. It should achieve a 27% growth rate in 2011, and the total box office will reach 13.5 billion yuan. 'This year our screen count has reached 10,000 yuan, and in the next five years I estimate that it will reach 30,000 yuan, and the annual box office will reach 30 to 35 billion yuan, so that we can keep up with the overall pace of China's economic development.' Yu Dong believes that 30 billion yuan is only a relatively conservative estimate: 'The box office in mainland China will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 30%. In addition, we will maintain an annual output of about 700 films in the future, which is a landmark. It is reported that the 'master class' will be taught in a closed manner. 60 outstanding young filmmakers from all over the world are honored to be selected to listen to the wonderful speeches of the masters. In the future, the 'Master Class' will be held once a year. This year there will be nine internationally renowned screenwriters, directors and producers from the United States, Canada, Australia and other places on 'script selection'Diversified marketing' and other aspects are explained and exchanged. Guests and lecture topics include: 'Cutting-edge 3D technology and high-tech methods of filmmaking' by the well-known Australian director Arist Gleason; 'Hollywood's independent filmmaker' by the well-known American filmmaker Harris Tarchin ; Famous screenwriter, video game writer, interactive narrative designer David Freeman will give a lecture on 'Screenwriter Guidance and Game Writing Guidance' and many other content.
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