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In 2015, domestic high-definition movie bars developed rapidly

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
Mass-marketing movie bars and micro-cinemas have been quietly born in the past two years. Maybe you still feel hazy about this new word, but its industry chain is growing at the fastest rate. 1. The current development of the domestic cinema market:    Cinema line has quietly ushered in a new spring in the past two years, and it has also attracted investors from all walks of life. In addition to the traditional movie theater line, new movie-watching modes such as car theaters, mass-market movie theaters, and network theaters have emerged, and new revenue models have also emerged. While the professional audio market is shrinking rapidly, it has injected new blood into the audio-visual industry. And growth momentum.   The total box office of movies nationwide in 2012 exceeded 17 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over 2011. In the first quarter of 2013 alone, the box office exceeded 5.2 billion yuan, exceeding 20 billion in the whole year; in 2014, the national box office revenue exceeded 29.6 billion. With the improvement of people's living standards, the film market has ushered in a new spring.   Cheng Guangyan, Manager of the Development Department of China Film Investment Co., Ltd. said with emotion: “You know, it’s hard to find an industry that can achieve 30% growth in a year. '   The huge movie market has also attracted more investors. Last year, the construction of urban cinemas in my country showed a trend of rapid development, with 6,000 new screens added throughout the year, an average of 16.5 new screens nationwide every day.   The number of screens nationwide has increased from 1845 in 2002 to the current 36,118, of which 2K digital screens exceed 26,000. The mainstream cinemas have basically realized digital projections, further consolidating the foundation of the industry.   However, compared with an average of one screen per 3,000 people in the United States, the number of theaters in China seems to have a lot of room for development. In addition to traditional movie theaters, new ways of watching movies such as car theaters, mass-market movie theaters, and online theaters have injected new blood into the film industry. 2. Profit-making method of mass-marketing cinemas:    Traditional cinemas abound in first-tier cities, and consumers are becoming more and more picky. Traditional cinemas can hardly meet the needs of different types of customers. Some merchants have created a new type of mass-marketing cinemas. , This kind of theater not only has a massive film library, but also provides 24-hour self-service.   People no longer have to follow the movie schedule to watch a movie, and they don’t have to worry about being late to catch up with the opening of the movie. It provides a more private viewing space for the audience. The market where everyone can consume is the real big market, and as a film industry suitable for all ages, the per capita consumption is between 30 yuan and 100 yuan, which can almost meet all people and consume all the time. The benefits of the new mass-marketing movie bar are: 1. Consumer age: the population can range from children to the elderly; 2. Time: from Monday to Sunday during the day, from morning to late night; 3. Time of day: Monday to Thursday during the day Most of the people who come to watch the movie are elderly, couples and wage earners at night, and on weekends, many students, families or friends gather to book the venue; 4. Degree of freedom: viewers can order the show by themselves, and multiple theaters can be provided at the same time Simultaneously broadcast private rooms and VIP suites ranging from 2 to 15 people. 5. Management cost: Generally, only a small number of service personnel are needed to manage the entire business premises. 6. Consumption environment: It is much easier to get the support and understanding of family members than in KTV and nightclubs, and it is more advanced, healthier and more civilian. 7. Investment risk: The cost is much lower than that of KTV, nightclubs and other entertainment venues, and it is easier to recover costs. 8. Business environment: the entry of the three schools and the nine streams is eliminated, the contamination of pornography, gambling, and drugs is eliminated, and the probability of accidents is reduced. 9. Macro conditions: This project is vigorously provided and supported by the government. The national health, leisure, entertainment, audio-visual and cultural industries do not have to worry about being inspected and blocked by policy regulation and security law enforcement agencies. It is understood that the box office split of this kind of mass-market movie theater excludes 20% to 25% of the rent, 20% is distributed to the copyright owner and 15% of the labor cost, and the gross profit reaches 30%, which is much higher than that of ordinary theaters, and the fund recovery cycle is short. The investment is less, the investment risk is also lower, and the prepaid, membership-based consumption method will also achieve faster and safer return of funds. 3. The income difference between the volume movie bar and the volume KTV    The attendance rate of the volume movie bar is higher than that of the traditional cinema. The data shows that the attendance rate of traditional theaters was 10% to 15% in the initial stage of creation, while the attendance rate of movie bars exceeded 30%. According to the person in charge of the relevant movie bar, the movie bar that enters the normal operating state will basically rotate more than three times a day in each private room during normal times, and it can reach seven times on weekends. In the Chang, Zhu, and Tan areas of Hunan, more than 200 large and small movie bars have been added in 2014, each ranging from eight or nine rooms to dozens of rooms. Compared with the mass-selling KTV, the movie bars’ The investment cost is lower, the management staff is less, and the operation time is longer, which means that the profit margin generated is more attractive than the two. In recent years, the explosive growth and rapid expansion of nightclubs and mass-marketing KTVs has made this industry that can invest in it a difficult way to survive. In addition, the country’s anti-corruption and anti-pornography activities in the past two years are undoubtedly for the KTV industry. To make matters worse. Most investors are thinking, 'Winter is here, and spring is not far away.' There are also some investors who are more optimistic about this opportunity to eliminate the rise. Due to the latest business opportunities brought about by the decline of the KTV industry, they continue to purchase old-fashioned reconstructions at low prices. Continuous innovation and improvement can create more business opportunities and wealth.
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