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Sound-transparent curtain makes home theater more perfect

by:XY Screens     2021-08-17
Home theater is gradually entering more and more people's homes. With the gradual improvement of people's professional appreciation ability, a new type of projection screen-sound transparent screen is attracting more and more users' attention. This kind of screen can let the sound through without any hindrance, making the placement of the theater sound more reasonable, changing the placement of traditional home theater equipment in one fell swoop, facilitating the creation of a better sound field and maximizing the restoration of the real sound. At present, people have very high requirements for the home layout environment, and the speakers are no longer a necessary decoration. Sometimes the speaker equipment needs to be hidden or needs to be placed behind the projection screen. Ordinary projection screens cannot meet this requirement, because the speakers are placed behind the projection screen. When sound waves propagate, they will form resonance with the screen and obstruct the sound, causing the screen to jitter and sound distortion, which affects our vision and hearing. The sound-transparent screen can solve this problem well. The speakers are placed behind the screen, which can make the home layout look neat and smooth, and another advantage of this placement is that the sound and the picture can be perfectly integrated to achieve the best Good audio-visual effects. Sound-transmitting curtains are generally made of laser holes, using Sound Max technology or weaving curtains, which can effectively improve the permeability of the influence. The ideal position to eliminate Morvern (interference provisions) speakers is behind the screen to allow the image and sound Perfect fusion. The biggest advantage of the sound-transparent screen is that it makes the entire field of view neat and smooth, and the center speaker can be installed at the physical center of the screen, and the vocal dialogue in the film is highly coincident with the mouth shape on the screen. The SNOWHITE sound-transmitting curtain adopts a difficult weaving process to form a large number of oblique holes on the screen surface, which not only completely solves the moiré phenomenon caused by penetrating straight holes, but also forms a good diffuse reflection layer on the uneven surface. Make the entire viewing area maintain a uniform gain effect within the visual range close to 180 degrees. The sound-transparent screen allows both the center and main speakers to be placed behind the screen to produce sound, so that the sound imaging point of the entire surround system is located exactly between the viewer and the screen, making the surround system sound more present, and the audio and video synchronization effect better.
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