User experience + innovative technology is the direction of the efforts of projection manufacturers

User experience + innovative technology is the direction of the efforts of projection manufacturers

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
The development of any cutting-edge technology, in the final analysis, is to provide services for people's life and production, which is now called user experience. The series of products launched by Apple in the United States have been very successful, triggering batch after batch of 'high-tech' companies to imitate. Nowadays, there are a large number of Apple shadow products on the market. The companies that launched these products are not recognized by the market like Apple. With the appearance of Lei Jun and his Xiaomi, people gradually began to realize. Those products that resemble Apple are just infinitely close in terms of science and technology, while the real needs and application experience of users have been ignored. The appearance of Lei Jun and Xiaomi pierced this layer of gauze. Xiaomi's success, coupled with its continuous rendering of the importance of user experience and efforts to improve the relationship between user engineering and product software and hardware development, the relationship between users and products seems to be tightly bonded overnight. And in this process, the role played by the Internet in the meantime also became more and more vivid overnight. It is not difficult to find that innovative technology + user experience does not exist independently, but needs to rely on many external factors, as Lei Jun said: standing in the air, the pig will fly. Regarding the projector industry, whether it is concept or innovative technology, it is also doing my part in terms of user experience. Laser TVs, cinema machines, the transition from industry applications to home applications, to the current personal digital fast-moving consumer goods, and so on. I believe that all of this was born to give users demand, but this demand point has not been maximized. For projectors, the industry market application requirements are highly targeted. User A’s application experience is difficult to directly affect B, but the civilian/personal one is very different. Apple and Xiaomi are very good An example of-user experience infectious consumption (ie word-of-mouth marketing). After years of development in the domestic projector market, industry applications and market segments have been continuously expanded, and product categories have also continued to broaden. Judging from the current market situation, the category of micro projectors is the most successful, and has even formed an independent industrial chain. This is mainly due to the fact that micro-projector manufacturers learn from IT companies and use the spirit of the Internet to turn the chicken rib industry, which was still relying on the concept of copying a few years ago, into a thriving sunrise industry. Micro-investment brands like XGIMI, CoolTV, Zhige, Vivitek, Yuwei, LG, Acer and other micro-investment brands compete with each other in terms of technology and user experience, shortening the transition from the conceptual period of micro-investment products to the practical period. However, most micro-investment brand marketing is overly dependent on e-commerce platforms and ignores the role of offline physical stores. You know, Apple and Xiaomi offline experience stores are everywhere, and consumers can experience their products at any time. User experience is not a slogan or concept, but a real existence. For micro-investment to achieve greater market breakthroughs, great efforts must be spent on the construction of offline experience stores. Of course, for home-level projectors that want to enter the home, it is also indispensable to increase offline contact points with home users. For video products, especially for home users and personal consumption, experiential marketing will be dominant. Only in this way can innovative technologies be within reach...
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