Don’t worry, tell you how to choose a home projection screen Home projection screen purchase common

[Don’t worry, tell you how to choose a home projection screen] Home projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
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Recently, many beginners or already started projection netizens are asking what kind of screen is good. In order to increase everyone's understanding of the screen, I will talk about the characteristics of the current screen types and specifications on the market for everyone to choose and screen.
1: The material of the projection screen
1. Elastic curtain (including white plastic, gray plastic, special PVC, etc.) This is the cloth surface used when tension is required. The surface coating is smooth and has no lines, so the optical imaging is equivalent to a thin surface, and the resolution is The highest, the sharpest, the image seems to emerge from the screen, commonly known as optical coating. Movie theaters also use this kind of curtain. According to different gains, each company has different products, and at the same time, there is an option to buy holes to become a transparent sound screen.
2. Woven curtains This type of curtains are mainly made of a layer of woven fabric and different coatings, mainly white curtains, bead curtains and gray curtains. The surface usually affects the imaging due to the weaving pattern, and the image quality is not so good. The disadvantage is that the resolution is not high and the resolution is weak. Stewart and other high-end curtains, these products are no longer the main force. Of course there are good ones, such as Kikuchi’s ultra-fine woven screens, but only a few imported screen materials can do it, and they are expensive.
Two: The structure of the projection screen
1. Electric cord screen This type of screen is the most expensive of the household grades. It adds a tension line on both sides of the electric screen to flatten the level of the screen, while the upper and lower sides are heavy under the edge of the screen to increase the strength. Its advantage is of course that it is flat and can be stowed, and the structure of the whole screen is very strong and very textured. But the disadvantage is expensive.
2. Fixing the picture frame screen To fix the picture frame screen is to use an aluminum frame to make a frame similar to a picture frame, and then buckle a spring on the screen to make the screen flat. The advantage is that it is flat and much cheaper than the electric cable screen. The disadvantage is that it can not be collected, it is easy to be dust and polluted, and it is easy to oxidize and change color when exposed to the air for a long time.
3. Hard-type projection screens are usually ultra-high gain, the colors are very bright and bright, but the viewing angle is small, there are hot spots, if the size is large, the center will be brighter, but the four corners will be dark, and the color cast problem is very serious. , This kind of screen is more suitable for outdoor brighter environment use, not suitable for players with high image quality requirements.
4. Electric screen This is the most common screen that everyone sees in all kinds of products. The advantages are low price, good flatness, and easy maintenance. The screen is evenly lowered by the motor from both ends to ensure that the screen is not affected by external forces. It has easy lifting and simple. The characteristics of the installation can maintain the flatness of the screen for a long time, and it will not produce ripples after long-term use.
5. Manual screen is also the most common screen for everyone. The advantage is that it is cheap and easy to install. It can be considered when the quality of the screen is not high. The disadvantage is that during long-term use, 'V'-shaped ripples will appear due to the central pull-down force. Affect the flatness of the screen.
6. White walls. Of course, this can be used, but it is recommended not to save this money. Otherwise, I am too sorry for the projector. I have a good horse and no saddle, so I feel wronged.
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