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How to choose the projection screen

by:XY Screens     2018-10-20

Projection God tells you how to choose the projection screen! Dear friends, the projection net head teacher has met with you again. I believe everyone must miss me very much. I saw many friends in the question area asking how to choose the projection screen. Today, the projection network head teacher The question is to give you a detailed answer. Ok, now I’m going to get back to the general idea of choosing a projection screen. There are three main steps: 

1, according to the requirements of the application environment to choose First of all, to understand the application environment of the screen. After having a clear understanding of the appropriate environment for the screen, then select the screen that meets your needs based on the requirements of the application environment. Take the household as an example, generally it is a positive projection, then you have to choose a reflective curtain, and then choose a suitable projection screen. The front projection screen can be selected from the type of wall hanging or ceiling mounting type, and there are manual and electric specifications. If you need a fixed position projection site, then the wall-mounted, hanging ceiling or tripod-style screen is your best. Good choice. If you need to move the screen to different orientations, the portable projection screen is your best choice. The rear projection screen can be selected as a hard or soft screen. The rear projection screen has a variety of hard rear projection screens (divided into double curved screen and diffused screen) and soft rear projection screen (diffused screen); in general, the effect of the hard screen is better than that of the soft screen. I will not introduce it in detail here. In addition, there are also some choices in the choice of materials. The effect of the screens projected on the screens of different materials is different, because the curtains of each material have their own characteristics, such as the metal screen has strong light reflection ability, glass fiber curtain Has a good viewing angle and reverse gain function, but how to determine the material of the curtain? This is to choose according to the environment. For example, if the home environment is not well received, it is obvious that the air humidity will be better. Then it is better to choose a glass curtain with anti-mildew function. If you have children in your home and worry that the children will stain the curtain, then you can choose the metal curtain. It can be cleaned and not dirty. 2, according to the experience needs to choose The first is the size of the curtain. The data below is used to select the most suitable size. According to GB/T 21048-2007 'Classification and Evaluation of Cinema Star Ratings': Five-star cinema standards: The closest line of sight should not be less than 0.60 times (5 points) of the maximum effective projected picture width, and should not be less than 0.55 times the maximum effective projected picture width. The distance between the first row of seats and the screen should not be less than 4.50m. The farthest viewing distance should not be greater than 1.80 times (5 points) of the maximum effective projection screen width, and should not be greater than 2.00 times the maximum effective width. Converted, that is: 0.55* line of sightScreen width=1.15*x is the screen width=line of sight*1.15 is most suitable, which is basically equivalent to the position in the middle of the cinema. 3. Choose according to economic conditions After selecting the parameters of the curtain, of course, you need to choose the brand, price, etc. according to your own economic situation. Everyone knows that everyone's situation is different. After the installation is complete, adjusting the projection environment is also an important part of getting a good image. The created projection environment can contribute to or destroy the special features of the projection screen. It is important to understand the special features of the projection screen to see the best imaging results by providing an environment that ensures maximum efficiency of the projection screen. The above is the sharing of the projector head teacher in this issue, I hope that you will have some effect on the upcoming curtains! We will see you next time! If you have any questions or want to know more about projection, you can go to the projection website to learn more about projection!
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